Custom Stand Designer Builder CPHI INDIA Mumbai

Custom Stand Designer Builder CPHI INDIA Mumbai:-

Custom Stand Designer Builder CPHI INDIA Mumbai

Wooden Booth Fabricator CPHI INDIA Mumbai, Exhibition Stand CPHI INDIA 2017, Stall Contractor CPHI INDIA Mumbai

About CPHI INDIA – Mumbai

The Indian pharmaceutical market is growing at 13% annually, twice the world market growth rate. While its generics market is growing strong, it is also evolving into a cradle for new drugs. Simply put: as one of the strongest emerging markets in the global pharma industry, India presents great opportunities for all international pharmaceutical companies to explore and benefit from.

Pixelmate Wooden Stall Designer Fabricator CPHI INDIA Mumbai:-

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Pixelmate Exhibition Stall Design Builder CPHI INDIA Mumbai:-

At all stages, we offer our customers a contact person who is familiar with all project details. Expediting, the interaction of different processes and trades, all that we are pursuing with meticulous precision – for a smooth course of the project. get in touch with Pixelmate to know more about exhibition trade show stalls, sales and other exhibiting support services in CPhI India, Mumbai, India.

Product group:
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Alkaloids, Amino acids, Antibiotics, Antibodies, Antimicrobial preservatives, Antioxidants, Bio-catalysts, Biotechnology, Capsules, encapsulation, Chemical synthesis, Color and dispersions, Cytosine, Emulsifying, Enzymes, Drug formulation, Fine chemicals, Flavors and perfumes, Herbal teas, Hormones & synthetic substances, Intermediates, Medicinal plants, Ointments bases, Peptides, Prostaglandins, Purification and separation techniques, Regulatory affairs, Sera and Vaccines, Solvents, Stiffening agents, Stiffening bases, Suppository bases, Sweetening, Synthetic organic chemistry, Tablet binders, Tablet filler-binders, Tablet lubricants and Tissue culture medias.

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