Exhibition Stall Designer Booth Fabricator DIDAC India

Exhibition Stall Designer Booth Fabricator DIDAC India

Exhibition Stall Designer Booth Fabricator DIDAC India
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About DIDAC India – Mumbai

The 11th edition of DIDAC INDIA is planned from 24th to 26th September 2019 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru, India.

The stage is set for DIDAC INDIA 2019! With a spotlight on accumulation more varied edtech products & solutions and the fortitude to expand & improve, the annual exhibition is set to continuously create new benchmarks in the Indian Education & Training sector.

DIDAC INDIA is the only event in the Asia Pacific region for Educational Resources, Training & Technology-based solutions.

The event is a MUST VISIT for all those inadequate to join together with the most promising & fastest growing economies of the world – INDIA and also an ideal platform to reach out to the education industry of Asia.

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Product group:

Craft Equipment, Library Center, Media Center, Sports Equipment and Facilities, Laboratory Equipment, Language Lab Equipment, Audio Visual Equipment, Automation Equipment, Photocopiers, Computer Peripherals, printers, scanners, cameras, Games Consoles, Portable Technology, Special Educational Needs Hardware, Books, Magazines, CD-ROM Curriculum Software, Distance Solution, Open Learning Solutions & Package, Development Software, E Learning Software, Graphics & Publishing software, Interactive Learning Systems, Multimedia, Equipment for Institutional Catering, Printing Equipment, Training Equipment, Demonstration & Experiment Equipment for Technical and Vocational Training, Online Solution, Internet Curriculum Content, Special Educational Needs Software, Training Technology and Software, Furniture, Seating Systems, Auditorium Setup, Computer Rooms, Laboratories, Libraries, School Building Services, Tape and Cassette Recording Equipment, Mixing Consoles, Video Cameras and Recorders, Projection Screens, Tables, Tripods, Media Storage Units, Architecture and Interiors, Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, Display Boards, Blackboards, Map Stands, Optical Instruments, Audio Equipment. 

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