Wooden Booth Contractor CWE Expo BEC Mumbai India

Wooden Booth Contractor CWE Expo BEC Mumbai India:-

Wooden Booth Contractor CWE Expo BEC Mumbai India

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About CWE Expo India,

CWE (Cutting & Welding Equipment Expo), is a wellknown exhibition focusing on Welding & Cutting Technology, Metallurgy, Materials Testing, Nondestructive testing, Robotics, Automation and Allied Industries. A comprehensive business platform serving the welding industry and over the years, this leading business event has become an ideal platform for showcasing the entire spectrum of products and services relating to the cutting, welding and allied industries.

CWE is held annually and the comprehensive business platform serving the Manufacturing and Fabricating industry!

Cutting & Welding Equipment Expo starts on 08 Sep and finishes on 10 Sep 2017. It will take place at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Pixelmate Exhibition Stand Contractor CWE Expo BEC Mumbai India:-

Product group:

Inverter welding, Plasma welding, Friction welding, Argon welding, Spot welding, Arc welding, Laser welding, Projection welding, Friction welding, Brazing, Soldering, Ultrasonic welding, Induction soldering, Destructive and nondestructive testing equipment, Cutting, Laser cutting, Oxygen/Air/Plasma arc cutting, Gas Cutting, Mechanical cutters, Saw blades, High-speed cutters, Pipe cutters, Circular saws, Automation, Welding robots / automation systems, CAD / CAM / CAE, 3D planning /3D Simulation, Automatic welding devices, Slide bases, Welding line tracking systems, Materials, Electrodes, Filler Metals, Welding wires/rods, Copper alloy welding wires, Stainless welding rods, Duplication metal welding rods, Gas shield arc welding material, Silver soldering material, Soldering & Brazing alloy material, Surface coating material, Gas for welding, Accessories, Welding cables, Welding jigs, Welding guns, Torches, Monitoring systems, Auto welding carriages, Tungsten grinders, Arc welding transformers, Flowmeters, Flow control valves, Ceramic material for welding, Condensers for welding, Safety equipment and protective clothing.

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