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They’re all kind of exhibition organized related to all industries like the food industry, pharma industry, textiles industry etc. Bombay exhibition center is the perfect place for organized exhibitions. It’s a huge place and comfort place to manage all exhibition and crowed, who went For visit exhibitions, expos, events etc. utilities and infrastructure to meet demands of power, water supply and compressed air supply, telephone lines are available within the exhibition halls to facilitate organization of major industrial trade fairs/exhibitions. pixalmate is exhibition and fabrication company in Mumbai, Bombay exhibition center, exhibition stall fabricator BCEC, exhibition stall fabricator BCEC Mumbai, stall fabricator BCEC, exhibition stall fabricator BEC, stall fabricator BEC Mumbai, BCEC Mumbai, BEC Mumbai,

BEC consists of four halls occupying over 45,000 sq.mtrs of centrally air-conditioned space for conducting exhibitions. an exhibition stand designer BEC, exhibition builder BEC, exhibition stand BEC India, exhibition stand BEC India, exhibition stand builders BEC,  exhibition contractor Mumbai, exhibition contractors Mumbai,

The Exhibition industry is a huge and booming industry nowadays. All company want to present their services and product and views in front of the customer, who show their interest that the company’s product and services. This kind of centers plays a very important  role for all exhibitions, exhibitors, visitors, business development, all industry, industrial growth etc. pixalmate services is,  exhibition designer BCEC, exhibition designer BEC, exhibition designer and fabricator BCEC, exhibition designer and fabricator BEC, exhibition stand designer, exhibition builder, exhibition stand India, exhibition stand India, exhibition stand builders, exhibition contractor, exhibition contractors,

And pixalmate is a company who worked in many exhibitions, events and expos, in Mumbai at Bombay convention and exhibition center, India. For many companies who participated in exhibition and expos.we provide services in this is, Exhibition Stalls Fabricators in Ahmadabad, Exhibition Stall Designer in Ahmadabad, Exhibition Stall Fabricators in New Delhi, Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai, Exhibition Stall Designer in Chennai, Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Mumbai, Exhibition Stall Designer in Mumbai, Exhibition Stall Designer in New Delhi,

Our product services are:-

  • Stall designing
  • Stall fabrication
  • Kiosk designing
  • Kiosk fabrication
  • Retail kiosk design
  • Retail kiosk fabrication

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